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Report A Crime

How to Report a Crime:

  1. If possible, write down what you see as soon as possible after you observe the crime
  2. Use technology... most cell phones have cameras or even video... record what you see.
  3. Do not attempt to stop the criminal, record, stay out of sight, and report.

Report A Crime

To report a Crime:
  1. Call our 800 crime reports number
  2. Relay what you observed to our representative.
  3. Record your unique number and check our results pages often.

Multilingual Services

National Crime Tips now supports crime reports in several languages. Translated instructions are provided for the languages that have links below. The following languages are supported when you call in:

  1. Chinese
  2. Report a crime in - 범죄 신고 Korean - 한국의
  3. Vietnamese
  4. Hindu
  5. Punjabi
  6. Report a crime in - Informar sobre un crimen en Spanish - español
  7. Serbian
  8. Hungarian
  9. Polish
  10. Russian
  11. Swedish


Submit a Crime or Arson Report instantly ONLINE Now!

Use the simple form below to submit a report. Simply fill out the report using the following instructions. Once you submit the report, you will receive a message with a confirmation number. Please retain that number for your records. No identifying information is requested.

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Multilingual Support

Now even more opportunities to call in! National Crime Tips supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Hindu, Hungarian,Korean, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.