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About National Crime Tips

National Crime Tips is a non partisan organization dedicated to recieving tips from any and all sources, processing said tips in a responsible manner, and forwarding properly processed tips to the appropriate authorities, in a completely anonymous fashion. We will never ask for or record your indentity or any other information that could be used to identify you. We will also follow cases closely to make sure successfully processed prosecutions are recorded and rewarded.

The National Crime Tips Publication is the only independent, non-affiliated national magazine focusing on public safety communications.

National Crime Tips Inc. will provide the anonymous crime-reporting Hotlines throughout the entire United States. An Internet crime-reporting resource will also be available in the near future to provide an additional method for reporting.

National Crime Tips was formed for 2 main reasons. One, to allow regular citizens an easy and anonymous method to report crime in their neighborhoods. We believe that most citizens are ready and willing to help prevent crime in their neighborhoods, but just lack an easy method to do so. Most people have two reasons they do not report crime, one they simply do not know who to call, or two calling the authorities is intimidating and they do not want to get involved to that degree. They want to prevent crime in their neighborhood, but do not want to be obligated to go to court or otherwise become involved. The second reason National Crime Tips was formed is that we believe that even with the ability to anonymously report crime, the addition of a potential reward for reporting could potentially dramatically increase public participation. We at National Crime Tips believe that it is ultimately up to us, not government, to protect ourselves. Our goal is to involve as many citizens as possible. Ultimately we believe this will make America a much safer place.




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